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Топик по английскому языку. Тема: «Семья».

Topic: Family

The Browns’ Family

Recently I’ve got a new friend. He is quite an ingenious person. He is fifteen. He is clever and slightly phlegmatic. But sometimes it seems to me that this quality is artificial because the boy thinks that a real man must conceal his feelings from the outward world. My fiend’s name is Bob Brown.

The other day he invited me to the house of his parents and I’ve met his family. Bob’s family is rather large. There are six of them. Bob says that he has a great number of relatives: cousins, aunts, uncles and so on and so forth. Some of them he often sees and makes friends with them. Others are so distant that he has never seen them.

Mr. Brown, the head of the family, is a businessman. He is forty five. He has a handsome strong face with broad and high forehead and square chin, grey wide-set eyes and straight nose. He is very clever and prosperous. He made his fortune many years ago. He is ambitious and shrewd. I’ve heard that his opponents consider him dangerous.

Mrs. Brown, Bob’s mother, is a pleasant and kind-hearted woman of about forty. She is tall, slim, straight and doesn not look her age. She has an oval attractive face with blue radiant eyes, long curving lashes and full lips. She is always perfectly dressed. Many years ago she was a dancer but now she is a housewife. She is a real master of the house.

Bob’s grandfather, Mr. Brown’s father is a strong man of sixty eight. He seems rather severe but he is not cruel and vulgar. He was a military ship captain.

His wife is an attractive and merry woman of sixty five. She is so pleasant-looking and good-hearted that nobody thinks of her as an old woman. She is fond of everybody and everything: her husband, her son, both of her grandchildren: Bob and Maggie, her daughter-in-law and even her daughter-in-law’s close and distant relatives, her home, her pets and so on. She has never got angry.

Bob’s younger sister Maggie is only eleven. She is a pretty naughty girl with round face and turned up nose. She likes to play dolls. Besides, she reads a lot and goes in for sports. She adores the pets of the family: a white dog Billy and a red cat Funny. During the summer holidays she climbs the trees in the garden as a real boy and rides bicycle all day long. Once she even tried to mount a horse, but had a failure. I am sure that she will be a successful rider a little bit later.

Some Useful Words and Word Combinations:

Слова и выражения к теме «Семья»:

family семья (large, small, not very large, friendly, rich, poor)

mother мать; ma, mum, mommy [‘mɔmı] амер. разг. мама, мамочка, mummy [‘mʌmı] брит./амер. уменьшит. мама; stepmother мачеха, приемная мать; mother-in-law свекровь или теща (в зависимости от контекста)

father отец; dad, daddy папа, папочка; stepfather отчим, приемный отец; father-in-law свекор или тесть

grandfather дед; granddad, grandpapa, grandpa дедушка, дедуля

grandmother бабушка; уменьшит. granny или grannie [‘grænı] бабуля

grandchildren внуки

child [‘ʧaıld] ребенок; baby [‘beıbı] совсем маленький ребенок, малыш, кроха; children [‘ʧıldrǝn] (мн.ч.) дети

only единственный: he is an only son in the family он единственный сын у родителей; you are my only one ты моя единственная (или единственный, в зависимости от контекста)

sister сестра; stepsister сводная сестра; sister-in-law сестра мужа или жены

brother брат; stepbrother сводный брат; brother-in-law брат мужа или жены

son сын; grandson внук; stepson приемный сын, пасынок; son-in-law зять, муж дочери

daughter дочь; granddaughter внучка; stepdaughter приемная дочь; daughter-in-law невестка, сноха

parent (parents) родитель (родители)

relative родственник, (редк.) relation

cousin двоюродный брат или сестра, иногда это слово употребляется для обозначения более дальней степени родства, существует даже фраза: kissing cousin, которая почти соответствует русскому выражению «седьмая вода на киселе», то есть очень отдаленное и эфемерное родство

aunt [‘ɑ:nt] тетя

uncle [‘ʌŋkl] дядя

wife жена, супруга

husband муж, супруг

nephew племянник

niece племянница

bride [‘braıd] или fiancée [fı’ɑ:nseı] невеста, новобрачная

bridegroom или fiancé [fı’ɑ:nseı] жених, новобрачный

marriage брак; супружество

married женатый или замужем

bachelor [‘bæʧǝlǝ] холостяк, неженатый человек; бакалавр (ученая степень): the Bachelor of Arts бакалавр искусств и пр.

spinster незамужняя женщина, старая дева

orphan [‘ɔ:f(ǝ)n] сирота

widow вдова

widower вдовец

businessman [‘bıznısmæn] бизнесмен, предприниматель

prosperous преуспевающий, процветающий, состоятельный

to make a fortune разбогатеть, достичь успеха

engineer инженер

designer дизайнер

painter художник

ambitious целеустремленный, честолюбивый

ingenious [ın’ʤi:nıǝs] изобретательный, находчивый, своеобразный, оригинальный

shrewd [ʃru:d] прозорливый, умный, практичный, проницательный

radiant [‘reıdıǝnt] лучистый, сияющий, лучезарный, блестящий (о глазах)

kind-hearted добродушный, благожелательный

naughty [‘nɔ:tı] шаловливый, озорной; капризный, непослушный; сомнительный

pet домашнее животное (любое: кошка, собака, попугай и т.п.)


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