Топик по английскому языку. Тема: Дом Topic Mr. White’s House.


Mr. White lives in a suburb of London. His house is not very large, but it is well-planned and comfortable. It is a modern two-storeyed cottage with an attic. The cottage is made of bricks and perfectly painted. The area around the cottage is fenced by the low stone wall with the gate made of black cast iron. There are some powerful lanterns near the fence.

There is a green lawn in front of the house. The grass of the lawn is always neatly cut. Mr. White is fond of growing evergreen plants such as pines and fir trees, junipers, cedars. That is why there are only juniper bushes, an old oak and a couple of young fir-trees  in front of the house. Beds  of flowers, a little orchard with a few apple-trees in it and a small swimming-pool are at the back of the house.

On the ground floor there is a spacious and well-lit  hall, a kitchen with built-up furniture, a pantry, a dining-room, a living-room and Mr. Whites’s study. A wide beautiful staircase in the hall made of pale yellow wood leads upstairs. The living-room is one of the most picturesque places of the house. There are large French windows there, they make the whole place extremely splendid. The view from the window is quite unbelievable! The windows are framed with long fairy silk curtains. Two low and comfortable settees with a few cushions are near the windows. Beside a small table in the centre of the room there is a sofa also piled with cushions. The floor is covered with a large unseemly expensive Persian carpet.  Opposite the windows there is a fireplace with a wide marble mantelpiece, where the cat Susan, the pet of the family, usually sits steadily staring at the window. On the wall over the mantelpiece there are several marvellous Venetian lanterns. The living-room was furnished by Mrs. White, according to her taste. Her husband often says that it is slightly full up and he would never enter it if there is no such a fantastic scenery from the windows.

On the first floor there are several rooms: four bedrooms with bathrooms and lavatories, a nursery, the room of Mr. White’s elder daughter and a cosy sitting-room. A narrow wooden staircase leads to the attic, one of the favourite places of the whole family. It is as comfortable and neat as the house itself. Mr. White has his own billiards there. And sometimes the Whites together with their friends like to spend their leisure time upstairs in the attic sitting in the huge deep armchairs, having an easy chat or playing billiards.

Vocabulary Notes:

Примечания к тексту:

suburb  [‘sʌbɜ:b]  пригород, предместье, окрестности

fence  ограда, забор; to fence  окружать забором

gate     ворота

cast iron         чугунное литье

house  дом; detached house отдельный дом; semi-detached house  дом на две или более семьи; terrace houses  дома, расположенные длинными рядами (очень распространенное в английских городах явление); cottage  загородный дом; bungalow [‘bʌngǝlǝu] одноэтажный летний домик с верандой; mansion особняк; block of flats  многоквартирный дом

comfortable       удобный, уютный; благоустроенный

well-planned    хорошо спланированный

two-storeyed    двухэтажный

orchard          фруктовый сад; garden  сад; огород; bed of flowers  цветочная клумба; tree дерево; bush  куст, кустарник; evergreen  вечнозеленый; fir ель; pine сосна; cedar  [‘si:dǝ] кедр

lawn [‘lɔ:n]  газон; лужайка с подстриженной травой

in front of      перед чем-то, на переднем плане

at the back of     позади чего-л.

floor    пол; этаж; обратите внимание, что нумерация этажей в английском языке существенно отличается от нашей, например: the ground floor первый этаж; the first floor второй этаж; the second floor  третий этаж и т.д.

spacious [‘speıʃǝs]     просторный

hall      холл, зал, помещение для приема гостей; entrance hall прихожая, передняя

well lit хорошо освещенный

kitchen           кухня

pantry            кладовая

dining-room   столовая

sitting-room   гостиная (маленькая); living-room гостиная, общая комната; bedroom  спальня; study кабинет;  nursery [‘nɜ:s(ǝ)rı]  детская; bathroom  ванная; lavatory [‘lævǝt(ǝ)rı] туалет; attic мансарда

furniture [‘fɜ:nıʧǝ] мебель; built-in furniture встроенная мебель; furnished  [‘fɜ:nıʃt] меблированный, обставленный

fairy    (зд.) тонкий, прозрачный

curtain           штора, занавеска, гардина

downstairs       внизу

upstairs          наверху

staircase         лестница

cosy  [‘kǝuzı]  уютный

sofa     диван

settee  [se’ti:]  канапе, кушетка, козетка, небольшой диванчик

chair  стул; armchair  кресло

fireplace  [‘faıǝpleıs]  камин; mantelpiece [‘mæntlpi:s]  каминная доска

cushion  [‘kuʃn]  диванная подушечка

standard-lamp  торшер

lantern           фонарь

window  окно; French window  французское окно, большое окно от пола до потолка, может использоваться как дверь

full up переполненный

scenery           пейзаж, вид, ландшафт

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