Топики по английскому языку с переводом

Отношения и символы

Воскресенье, 12 Апр 2015

Relationships and characters

No one will argue that achieving any goal demands strong character and the ability to build healthy and efficient relationships with people. It is one of the conditions of success when living and working in the modern society and considering yourself as a part of it. It is indeed important to have such qualities as perseverance, courage, diligence, flexibility and of course intelligence.

Тема: Международные организации

Суббота, 04 Апр 2015

International organizations

When living in the modern progressive society we have to deal with different international organizations either we know it or not. The formation of international organizations started mainly in 20th century with the goal to improve and develop international relations and to preserve peace and safety of nations. European community, Interpol, all of them have a great impact on international relationships between countries.

Тема работа (My perfect job)

Понедельник, 23 Мар 2015

It is important for any of us to find our place in this world, to live and work and feel a part of a modern and progressive society. From the very childhood our parents teach us to study at school well, to get only good notes in order to go after that to a college and become a good specialist in some area. And it is actually a right way of thinking, as our job determines our living and personal character. That is why it is so important to choose an area of activity that would fit perfectly to you.


Воскресенье, 15 Фев 2015

Mass-media / СМИ

Mass-media plays an important part of our lives, as it is the main source of information we receive every day. The term was formed in 1920 in the result of massive circulation of newspapers and different radio activities.


Вторник, 10 Фев 2015


The most popular and pleasant way of spending time for active and energetic people is traveling. It is so interesting to discover new places and different people, to explore different continents and countries, to try exquisite cuisine and enjoy dawns on the other end of the world.  Traveling is the best way to change the atmosphere, to have a rest from everyday life and to get new emotions and impressions that remain always with us.

Топик: Science / Наука

Четверг, 05 Фев 2015

We are living in the modern world, full of computers, automatic devices, gadgets, cell phones and many other different interesting and useful things that technological progress has given us for usage. Although not even years have passed as we couldn’t even dream about time when it would be enough just to tap on a screen and get connected with the other person on the different end of the world.

Топик: I am in this world

Суббота, 31 Янв 2015

Тема на английском языке Я в этом мире

Everyone in this world has once thought about his or her place in the society and maybe in the whole universe. Every of us tends to feel useful, to be loved by friends and family, to become a good specialist in some area. All this in a way makes us individual, unique and beautiful God’s creatures.

Профессии и карьера

Вторник, 06 Янв 2015

Professions and Careers

Since we all are human and always tend to develop, in order to be useful and successful personality, the main question we ask ourselves after finishing school is: which profession should I choose?

Праздники и традиции Великобритании

Пятница, 26 Дек 2014

Traditions and holidays

British calendar is flashy with all kinds of holidays: national, traditional, public or bank holidays. The formation of some of them dates back hundreds of year, and it is not great surprise for such country as Great Britain loving its culture and history.

Топик «Russian agriculture» (Тема Сельское хозяйство)

Понедельник, 22 Дек 2014

Русское сельское хозяйство

The agriculture has been and remains a very important sector of Russian economy.

Топик «Британская кухня»

Суббота, 20 Дек 2014

British cuisine

Although British cuisine is not recognized as a worldwide celebrity like French or Italy cuisine, but it obviously belongs to one of the most refined and special ones. Of course everyone has ever heard of English breakfast and afternoon tea which are an essential part of the Englishmen everyday life.

Топик: Getting a job

Воскресенье, 23 Ноя 2014

Получение работы

Five years ago my friend John was out of work. He was always ready to agree to any job. John was a  skilled engineer. He had a big family and his life was difficult.

Топик: The National Health Service

Среда, 19 Ноя 2014

The National Health Service

Государственная служба здравоохранения

The National Health Service of Great Britain was introduced in 1948. This state service provides the free medical treatment for the citizens of Great Britain. The private medical treatment is also possible in Great Britain, but it is chargeable.

Топик: «Наша страна»

Воскресенье, 28 Сен 2014

The Russian Federation belongs to the largest countries under the sun. The great territory of our country is situated in Eurasia. Eurasia is the largest of the six continents and Russia occupies an area which is one third of Eurasia.

Национальные и международные выставки

Вторник, 23 Сен 2014

National and international exhibitions