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Диалог на английском языке «A Voyage Around Europe». Тема «Путешествия»


— Hi, Peter. Haven’t seen you long. Where have you been? I even wondered what had happened to you.
— Relax! I’m here now and I’m very glad to see you. In fact I’m quite all right and I’ve had a terribly exciting experience. Listen, my Uncle Tom took me on a cruise round Europe.
— Did he really? I guess you’ve seen a lot of wonderful things. Tell me about everything!
— Surely! Uncle Tom had a very important business in Europe. Indeed it was a business trip for him but he decided to take me.
— Why?
— He speaks French, Italian and German fluently. I know Spanish and Greek. You see? So he invited me to join him in his trip and sometimes I helped him as an interpreter. It was a great opportunity to master my languages. Besides I had a fantastic travelling by sea!
— Where did you sail from?
— From Dover.
— Did you call at the European ports?
— Certainly we did. Quite a lot of them. At each port we went ashore and made the most wonderful trips into the depth of the country.
— By car?
— Yeah. We were to Rome, Paris, Barcelona, Athens.
— Great! I often visit Paris, Madrid and Berlin. Last summer I was there too, but to tell you the truth I envy you a little bit. I was to Rome and Athens only once and I’m eager to go there again. Well, tell me more about your trip. Did you enjoy it?
— It was rather pleasant, except a day after Gibraltar. It was rough in the Atlantic and I felt sick. But it was the first day in my life. In fact I’m a good sailor and usually feel all right on board.
— I see.
— Are you kidding? Don’t laugh at me! I’d like to look at you sailing in such a stormy weather!
— Take it easy. Don’t be so touchy. As for me I’m always sick on board even if the weather is fine and the sea is absolutely calm. And I don’t think it’s so shameful. Two years ago on the way to the US I had even to keep a couple of days to my cabin. I felt so unwell that I even wanted to die as soon as possible.
— Really? It’s a pity. You’ve never told about it! Now listen. We went ashore in Spain. The coast seemed rather monotonous and bare from the deck, but Barcelona was quite fantastic. Its architecture made a great impression on me. I like Gothic architecture and I’ve seen many examples of it. But the old centre of Barcelona took my breath away. I’d say it’s the greatest concentration of Gothic architecture I’ve ever seen! The modern parts of the city were also miracles!
— I see. And what about Paris? How long were you there?
— Just a few days. It’s not enough for me you know.
— For me either. Well, did you bathe in the Mediterranean?
— I did of course. Then I bathed in the Atlantic Ocean also! On the west coast of France there are fabulous beaches. And I haven’t say a word yet about Rome and Athens! Indeed we were quite short of time and unfortunately I didn’t see much! But everything was magnificent! I enjoyed every moment of my voyage.
— Glad to hear it. Your journey was a success!

 Диалог на английском языке

Vocabulary Notes:

Примечания к диалогу:

relax    успокойся! расслабься!

exciting           захватывающий, увлекательный

surely  непременно, несомненно

trip      путешествие, поездка, экскурсия; to make a trip совершать путешествие; business trip         деловая поездка

fluently бегло

interpreter [ın’tɜ:prıtǝ] устный переводчик

Dover  [‘dǝuvǝ] Дувр, порт на юго-востоке Великобритании

ashore  на берег, на берегу, на суше; to go ashore высаживаться на берег

to envy [‘envı] завидовать

a little bit чуть-чуть

to call at посещать, заходить (о корабле)

Rome [‘rəum] Рим; Italy Италия; Italian итальянский язык

Paris [‘pærıs] Париж; France Франция; French французский

Barcelona [bɑ:sı’ləunə] Барселона

Athens [‘æƟ(ǝ)nz] Афины; Greece Греция; Greek греческий язык

Madrid [mǝ’drıd] Мадрид

Berlin [bɜ:’lın] Берлин; Germany Германия; German немецкий язык

Gibraltar [ʤı’brɔ:ltǝ] Гибралтар, портовый город на юге Пиренейского полуострова

Spain [speın]   Испания; Spanish [‘spænıʃ] испанский язык

the US (the USA) Соединенные Штаты (всегда употребляется с определенным артиклем!)

the Mediterranean [medıtǝ’reınıǝn] Средиземное море

the Atlantic Ocean Атлантический океан

rough [rʌf]      бурный (о море); резкий (о ветре); суровый (о климате, погоде)

cabin   (зд.) каюта

sick      больной, страдающий тошнотой (особ. от качки на море или во время полетов на самолете); seasickness морская болезнь

on board на борту (корабля или самолета)

are you kidding? ты издеваешься? to kid посмеиваться, подшучивать

deck палуба (корабля)

bare пустынный, лишенный растительности, убогий, бедный (о ландшафте)

to make an impression on smb произвести впечатление, поразить воображение

Gothic готический

to take one’s breath away ошеломить, поразить чье-л воображение

miracle [‘mırǝkl] чудо, сказка, удивительная вещь

coast [kǝust] побережье (морское)

magnificent     величественный, блистательный, великолепный


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