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Тест 1. (Simple Tenses)

1. I often go to the cinema with my friends.
2. When did you see Bill last time?
3. John and Kelly got married yesterday. Did you know?
4. I will help you with your English tomorrow.
5. Allie doesn’t eat meat. She is a vegetarian.
6. He is always in a hurry.
7. They met each other when they were studying at university.
8. I promise I will not lie to you again.
9. Jack normally has breakfast at 7.30.
10. They spent their last holiday in Spain.

Тест 2. (Simple Tenses)

1. I don’t like horror films.
2. Yesterday my friends went to the cinema, the film was very interesting.
3. Tom runs in the park near his house every morning.
4. I think the weather will be nice tomorrow.
5. Maggie looks like an actress. She is very beautiful.
6. Will you come to our wedding?
7. Max finished university two years ago. Now he works as a lawyer.
8. It’s very hot here. Shall I open the window?
9. She wants to become a doctor.

Тест 1. (Continuous Tenses)

1. Mary is reading now.
2. Turn off the TV! The baby is sleeping!
3. It was raining all day long yesterday.
4. At this time tomorrow we will be lying on the beach and drinking cocktails.
5. Are you looking for your keys? They are on the table in the kitchen.
6. What are you doing next Friday?
7. Hey! You are standing on my foot!
8. What were you doing at this time yesterday?

Тест 2. (Continuous Tenses)

1. Tom is not working now.
2. We were swimming in the swimming-pool yesterday from 5 to 6 in the evening.
3. Mom, it smells fantastic! What are you cooking?
4. I will be working on presentation tomorrow after lunch.
5. He was playing football all day long yesterday.
6. Will you come tomorrow? I will be waiting for you from 3 to 5.
7. I am looking for a new job.
8. What are you doing this weekend?

Тест 1. (Perfect Tenses)

1. I have already finished doing housework.
2. By the time she got home her children had already done their homework.
3. We haven’t started working yet.
4. Have you seen this film?
5. Next year I will have worked here for 20 years.
6. When I saw her last time she had already changed her hairstyle.

Тест 2. (Perfect Tenses)

1. We have bought a new car.
2. I will have finished this report on Friday afternoon.
3. Mike has never seen a camel.
4. When they came to the railway station the train had already left.
5. They have just met their old friends.
6. Have you ever tried mussels?

Тест 1. (Perfect Continuous Tenses)

1. How long have you been working here?
2. They have been married for 20 years.
3. Next year Chris will have been living in Berlin for 10 years.
4. Mark had been waiting for his flight for 2 hours when they announced its delay.

Тест 2. (Perfect Continuous Tenses)

1. Did you like the cake? We have been baking it since morning.
2. They have been living in Moscow since 1995.
3. Our team had been working hard and we managed to finish the project in time.
4. In December I will have been living in another country for two years.

Тест по-английскому на времена (Simple, Continuous, Perfect Tenses)
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