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  • АVERSE to Stg; to going
  • AWARE of stg; of being; that
  • BAD (= unsuccessful) at stg; at reading; bad (= harmful) for sby
  • BLIND to other's faults
  • BOUND for a destination; to go (a)
  • BRAVE / to do stg (d)
  • BRILLIANT / (= very successful) at mathematics; at solving problems
  • BUSY / with stg
  • CAPABLE / of doing Stg; of improvement
  • CAREFUL (== watchful) / of stg or sby; (= taking trouble) with stg; to see (c); about answering letters
  • CARELESS of danger; careless / with eg tools; careless / in what one does, in answering letters
  • CERTAIN of stg or sby (= have confidence in); certain / about stg or sby (== have no doubt);
  • to go (o); of going; that
  • CLEAR / about a subject; of an obstacle; it...that
  • CLEVER / at stg, at doing stg; with one's hands; to do stg (d)
  • CLOSE /to or by stg or sby; to winning
  • CONCERNED / (= worried) about sby or stg; about getting the work done; (= engaged) in or with an enterprise; (= worried) that... should
  • CONFIDENT / Of SUCCCSS; of succeeding; in the hope of success; that... will
  • CONSCIOUS of stg;
  • CONTRARY to my advice
  • CONVENIENT / (= suitable) for sby; (= well-placed) for stg, for parking; (= suitable) it... to;
  • it... that... (should)
  • CRAZY about sby or stg; to go (a & d)
  • CRITICAL / Of Stg Оf Sby
  • CRUEL / to sby; to do stg (d); it...to
  • CURIOUS / (= anxious to know) about stg; to know (a); (= strange) it... to; it... that ;
  • DEAF to eg an appeal
  • DEAR / to sby (= loved by sby)
  • DELIGHTED / with a present; at hearing good news; to do (a), to see (c); that
  • DEPENDENT on sby or Stg; on being
  • DESIRABLE/it...to; it...that...
  • DETERMINED / on a course of action: to go (a) or on going; that...should
  • DIFFERENT / from Stg or sby
  • DISAPPOINTED / with stg; with or in sby; at not finding; that
  • DISGUSTED / with stg; that
  • DOUBTFUL / about stg or sby,about going
  • DUE to stg or sby (= caused by); (= ready) for stg; (= planned) to arrive (a)
  • EAGER for Stg; to go (d)
  • EASY (=not worried) about stg;
  • (= not applying strain) on sby or stg; to teach (/)
  • ENVIOUS / Of Sby
  • EQUAL / to stg; sby is equal to a task
  • ESSENTIAL / to a purpose; it...to; it...that...should
  • EVIDENT / to sby; it...that
  • EXCITED / about stg; about or at going; to see (c): that
  • EXPERIENCED / in Stg; in doing Stg
  • EXPERT / at a skill; at doing stg
  • FAITHFUL / tо Sby
  • Sby is FAMILIAR with sby or stg; stg is f... to sby
  • FAMOUS / for his achievements; for telling stories
  • FIT (== suitable) for sby, stg is fit to eat; for eating; sby is fit for (= ready) work, to work (a)
  • FOND of sby or stg; of swimming
  • Sby is FORTUNATE /tо gо (c); in having; it...(for sby) that
  • FREE / for a purpose; to go (a)
  • FULL/ Of Stg
  • FURIOUS / with sby; about stg; that
  • GAME (= ready) for anything
  • GENEROUS / to sby; with money; to go (d)
  • GENTLE / With Sby
  • GLAD / (= happy to know) about stg; glad of stg (= happy to have it); to see (c); that
  • GOOD / (= successful) at stg, at solving problems: (= kind) to sby; (= beneficial) for sby or stg; (==kind) to do that it...that
  • GRATEFUL / to sby, for stg; to have (c); that
  • GUILTY / of a crime, of stealing
  • HAPPY / about stg, about going; to go (c); that
  • HARD / (= difficult) for sby; (= applying strain) on sby orstg; to teach (f)
  • HESITANT / to go (a & c); about going
  • HONEST / about stg
  • HONOURED / to have (c)
  • HOPEFUL / about the future; of success; about winning; that...will
  • HOPELESS / (=not at all successful) at games; at acting
  • HUNGRY for knowledge
  • IGNORANT of the facts
  • IMPORTANT / for sby or for one's work: it...to; it...that...should
  • IMPOSSIBLE; it...to; it...that
  • INCLINED tо gо (a)
  • INDEPENDENT ,/ of sby I
  • NFERIOR / to Stg or sby
  • INTENT on going; on one's work
  • INTERESTED / in stg or sby: to see (с) or in seeing ; would be interested to see (a); that... should
  • LEVEL / with stg or sby LIKELY to go (o); it...that...will. Stg is likely, ie it may happen
  • LOYAL / to Sby
  • sby is LUCKY / to go (c); it...(for you)that
  • MAD (= very keen) about or on stg or sby; about dancing; (=very keen) to go (a) or on going;
  • (= very angry) at or with sby, about stg; (==very foolish) to go (a); (=very angry) that
  • MARRIED / tо Sby
  • MISTAKEN / (= wrong) about stg; in one's actions; in thinking stg
  • STUPID/ about stg; to go (d)
  • WRONG //about stg; to go (d); it…that…should


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