Упражнения на английские времена

В скобках дана начальная форма глагола. Нужно выбрать подходящую и вставить в предложение.

1. The lesson …over recently. (to be)
2. Tom …up because I told him the truth. (to blow)
3. He is trying to…up his friends at school now. (catch)
4. He…just…out his problem and now he does not know what to do. (to work)
5. He will …on the lamp tomorrow because now he is busy. (to turn)
6. This district is constantly…out. (to spread)
7. Robert…on his job, but he does not like it. (to keep)
8. We …already…back our car. (to get)
9. The plain is to…down here. (to come)
10. He …already…up his contract when he began to work there. (to break)
11. He was…by for two hours yesterday. (to stand)
12. When Nick knew, they…already…away. (to run)
13. Mary…more money in the envelope at the wedding. (to put)
14. Brad and Tom want to…up this idea. (to give)
15. They are constantly…around our school. (to hang)
     16. He was … in this firm. (to check)
     17. He …down and will not go to the picnic now. (to fall)
     18. Peter …in and saw a big nice room. (to come)
     19. He was…back for a long time, but he did not see anything. (to look)
     20. Ann…on a new TV set in her room. (to put)
     21. The car…over, but everybody appears alive. (to turn)
     22. The teacher…out all the mistakes but the pupil did not understand anything. (to point)
     23. When he…back, tell him my request. (to go)
     24. Inna…off her old friends and understood, that she had done bad. (to get)
     25.He is always…around without problems. (to hang)
     26. The robber…away as fast as he could, and we could not do anything. (to get)
     27.When he was asked, he…forward, but did not say anything. (to come)
     28. She said that she would …back, but when it will be, she did not know. (to call)
     29. Their plans were…down at all. (to break)
     30. Olga…down everybody though she was destroyed herself. (to calm)
     31. The taxi…up and the driver is waiting for you. (to pull)
     32. The director…out all the parties and he forgot about himseif. (to pass)
     33. While they were talking, the manager … down the shop. (shut)
     34. John…back and began to sleep. (to sit)
     35. We…out and said nothing. (to burst)
     36. Sasha was…by at 5 o’clock yesterday, but he did not know that you want to see him. (to go)
     37. He has…out recently and I can not refuse him. (to help)
     38. I want to…off this friendship, because it does not bring me happiness. (to knock)
     39. He …up his composition for four o’clock tomorrow. (to make)
     40. We …around for three ours and we did not understand where it was. (to go)
     41. They…down their requests, but we became to work worse because of bad wages. (to knock)
     42. Tom…down and understood what floor he was. (to look)
     43. He…forward to The New Year, because he knows that parents will give him good presents. (to look)
     44. The grandmother and grandfather….up him for two years. (to grow)
     45. The chief will…up this idea and we will do it. (to keep)
     46. Fred …up materials and began to work at a new project. (to pick)
     47. He …into his best friend but he did not have any time to talk to him a little. (to run)