Meaning of flower colors

Flowers from ancient times served as the best way to express feelings and passion. The tradition to lay out our feelings and emotions by means of floral compositions has reached our times. Throughout the long and rich history of giving bouquets of flowers there has been formed an unusual language, which is rather popular today. The language of flowers and the meaning of flower colors has undergone significant changes and have been improved over time, in an effort to meet our needs and desires.  As well as  the very roses, chrysanthemums, tulips, etc. eventually expanding with regard to their breeding species, forms buds, color, the language of flowers has acquired some new values, concerning bouquets and their components. Speaking about the basics and the main principals of the meaning of flowers, it should be noted, that among the most important aspects of its formation there can be viewed: the number of units in a bouquet, as well as their form, and what is most important, the color of flower buds. Thus, we will first of all deal with meanings of colors of flowers here.

Perhaps, a bouquet of roses is the most popular, traditional and always appropriate gift. Elegant and velvet maroon, soft pink, yellow, orange, cream or white - the choice of color here is indeed very high. Receiving  a bouquet of roses of any color as a gift, you realize that the admirer is expressing his deep feelings, though their degree may vary. Thus, white roses  have always been a symbol of purity and innocence. Presenting a gift of white rose buds, the giver as if intends to say: "You are  pure," "I admire your ethereal and pristine beauty, you are as perfect as the white roses." The meaning of white flowers is usually associated with a young girl, as pure as a virgin white shroud of the first snow.
White roses are as usual opposed to red ones, being granted, when expressing their passion for hot and crazy feelings. By the way, the red color of  flowers is the most popular one. Therefore, the red rose, exuding a wonderful fragrance, is unanimously to be the queen of all roses. The meaning of purple flowers in this respect is a burning desire and passion. In addition, purple or red roses at all times have been given as a sign of respect and admiration for the partner.
Burgundy colors as well as red or purple ones tend to express feelings of love, passion and frenzied delight. A bouquet of burgundy roses looks, as if trying to confess to his endower: "You are so beautiful that you are  not aware even of it." This color is being customary chosen with reference to the Valentine's Day.
Pink roses is the symbol of elegance and sophistication. The meaning of this flower color is characterized by the presence of richest range of shades, the  combination of which is used to produce complex, and often eloquent promising messages. You can express gratitude, having presented a gift of roses of bright pink or cherry. At the same, giving  soft pink flowers of unopened roses,  may serve to express sympathy. Pink roses and bouquets of these beautiful and noble colors, thank and express sympathy, and sweet thoughts, tender feelings and admiration. Besides, pink roses often symbolize a new beginning of ones relations, a hint of the feeling that, perhaps in the near future, will break out in full force and hit the two lovers in the heart.
The insert of a number of yellow roses in the bouquet, or the full composition of yellow flowers mean that your partner cares about you. At all times, yellow color has indicated active and freedom-loving sense. Therefore, a bouquet of yellow roses is a frequent guest of various celebrations as an expression of congratulation for the holiday. Yellow roses is a way to highlight the achievements and  and to celebrate them together with the hero of the birthday party. For some reason more common value of yellow roses in our everyday life is separation. However, it does not correspond to the present character of yellow flowers. On the contrary, yellow roses is first of all a symbol of friendship and acceptance, admiration and respect, but in some situations, these flowers can symbolize infidelity.
Orange roses  in the language of flowers express the best wishes, warm feelings and enthusiasm. If you are taken away by the possession of intoxicating feeling of love, granting orange flowers would be the best way to do it. Orange color of roses can convey not only the allure, but also the pride for the object of your feelings.
Peach color of flowers is a manifestation of humility. They are often presented in honor of the successful completion of any events. With the help of peach roses you can express warm feelings, joy and gratitude. Green roses mean, in their turn, abundance and generosity. These unusual green buds serve as a symbol of fertility. These flowers will appreciate the prosperous and successful person. As psychologists say, green is a sign of balance and stability. You can not reveal your love by means of green flowers, but they can tell much about jealousy. 
As for the other flowers (except roses), everything is not so simple as well. For example, the tulip has long symbolized good fortune. This flower is a sign of pure love, but it can also mean the glory and pride, and tulip is even often treated as "an excellent lover". Red tulips, like all red flowers,  mean revelation, as if they want to win your confidence and to express irresistible  love. Yellow tulips mean delight of a smile of your beloved person, comparing it with a ray of sun, but it can simultaneously depict the lost feelings. Granting party-colored, variegated  tulips is the expression of the admiration by beautiful eyes of the endower. Lily, in turn, means immaculate purity, beauty and hope. The most popular are white lilies, which, being the most valued by the clients, symbolizes innocence and maiden chastity. This flower is considered as an attribute of  the immaculate conception. According to all Christian traditions, all lilies happened to be yellow  up to that very day and symbolized joy and gratitude. A bright shade of yellow lilies can also express falsehood and levity. Besides, the meaning of orange lilies has gained some negative impact as well. It symbolizes the hatred and disgust, though nowadays this value seems tending to lose its popularity and to vanish.
Thus, the meanings of colors of flowers is a fairly complex science, and in order not to get lost in its intricacies, it would be better to trust the professionals, who would with pleasure easily decipher all the subtleties of the language of flowers.