Обсуждение фильма

Dialogue: Discussing a Film

ack: Did you watch TV last night?

George: No, I decided to go to the pictures.

Jack: What did you see?

George: I saw a wonderful old film «My Brilliant Career». It is a famous Australian film starring Judy Davis. The film is a screen version of a well-known historical novel by Miles Franklin about life and love in Australia at the turn of the 20th century.

Jack: Were you familiar with the plot?

George: No, I never read this book.

Jack: Where is the film on?

George: At the Star. We had to queue up for two hours and a half to get in. And they say people only want to watch television nowadays! Of course, there was a special attraction that night. Judy Davis was making a personal appearance.

Jack: What is she like?

George: She is charming. And in this film the make-up and clever photography made her a real beauty. Judy Davis is a very talented actress. The film «My Brilliant Career» had a very good review in the press right from the start and then it won British Academy awards for the best screen debut in 1980.

Jack: Did you notice the names of the director and the producer?

George: No, I didn`t notice them. But what is the difference?

Jack: Don`t you know? I thought you were a real movie fan. The producer usually makes all the business arrangements while the director is in charge of the actual making of the film.

George: I notice only the stars. Actually there was a pretty good cast in the film.

Jack: Was it a continuous program?

George: No, it was not.

Jack: Where did you sit?

George: In the stalls, in the 17th row. My wife hates being too near the screen.

Jack: Was there only the feature film or was there a documentary or something as well?

George: There was a documentary about underwater swimming. It was very interesting. Besides, there was a cartoon and the usual trailer for the next film.

Jack: You seem to like the film very much. Would you mind going to see it again with me?

George. Not at all. I should be delighted.


Диалог: Обсуждение фильма

Джек: Ты смотрел телевизор вчера вечером?

Джордж: Нет, я решил сходить в кинотеатр.

Джек: А что ты смотрел?

Джордж: Я смотрел замечательный старый фильм «Моя блестящая карьера». Это знаменитый австралийский фильм с Джуди Дэвис в главной роли. Этот фильм является экранизацией известного исторического романа Майлза Франклина о жизни и любви в Австралии на рубеже двадцатого столетия.

Джек: Ты был знаком с сюжетом?

Джордж: Нет, я никогда не читал эту книгу.

Джек: Где идет этот фильм?

Джордж: В «Звезде». Нам пришлось простоять два с половиной часа в очереди, чтобы туда попасть. И еще говорят, что люди в наши дни хотят смотреть только телевизор! Конечно, в тот вечер было специальное представления. Джуди Дэвис лично появилась в кинотеатре.

Джек: Как она выглядит?