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I am a British graduate teacher from England where I finished my teaching degree at Plymouth university and worked many years in top schools, including Cambridge.

After some years of traveling (to over 30 countries) and teaching English in various language centers, I settled in Russia as the favourite country.  For ten years I’ve been teaching individuals and groups of Russian pupils and adults to learn English using effective modern methodologies.

During Autumn & Winter I teach English in Russia, and in the Spring and Summer I usually return to teach in Britain or go to manage summer language activity camps for Russian pupils in various countries.

I have over ten years experience in teaching for a range of aims and methods, however the favoured, and most effective methodology, I use is the A.S ESL conversation English methodology, linked with my own unique range of interesting activities and language games.

I’m professional in teaching a range of items,  including: 

— Textbooks (both Oxford and Cambridge presses),

— EGE exam preparation,

— TOEFL/IELTS exam preparation

— Visa immigration interview tutoring.

The regular use of PowerPoint presentations, imagery and amusing computer activities ensure that my lessons strongly differ from traditional Russian educational methodologies — and pupils in particular become more engaged and motivated in such new styles of lessons.

английский по скайпу для детей

In 2015, with modern technology and internet, students have begun to also take on-line English lessons with me through Skype.  This facilitates the possibility of flexible lessons at anytime and anywhere, with extra activities provided through the Skype text interface or as extra files.

My passion in my work is the constant belief that it’s possible to show Russian language students a more natural, pleasurable and invigorating way to learn English, that is better than the dull process they experienced in the state-school.

На уроке в школе

Whatever your level, from beginner to advanced, I guarantee effective and pleasurable learning with a proper British accent and 100% correction of errors.  If you are beginning English it’s not a problem, I can explain the tasks in Russian easily.

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