Репетитор по английскому онлайн Добрый день всем заглянувшим на эту страницу! Раз вы здесь, значит Вас, как и меня, интересует английский язык. А встретить людей, чьи интересы совпадают с твоими, всегда очень приятно!


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Проводимые курсы:
Общий, Деловой, Разговорный, TOEFL, IELTS
Опыт преподавания:
18 лет
Возрастные группы учеников:
  • - от 5 лет
  • - взрослые
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Возраст преподавателя: 37 лет

CELT A May 2008

О репетиторе


Hello future students!

My name is Hatty Melbourne and I have been teaching English for the past ten years to students of different ages, languages and cultures. I love teaching language and the interchange of information and experiences that occurs when you teach.

I obtained a CELTA certificate while I was at university, and I had my first classroom when I was nineteen, teaching university-aged students at a school in Montreal. Since then, I have taught English in public and private schools in Oakland, San Francisco and Burlingame, California. I have also taught online classes to students from China, France, Israel, Russia and Taiwan.

One of my most interesting classes was a group of twenty-five ten and eleven-year olds from China that were visiting San Francisco for the summer. Another interesting class was a group of young children that had just immigrated to the US from Guatemala.

I try to make each class meaningful. Giving students what they need to be successful. This can include test preparation, business English, grammar, vocabulary or conversation practice. My classes are engaging, varied and fun. My students and I become good friends as we get to know each other through our learning experiences.

My hobbies are running, cooking, dancing, hiking, and travelling. I was born in Vermont, USA and have lived in Montreal, San Francisco and the Dominican Republic. I am currently between California and the Dominican Republic, where I go to do volunteer work. I speak Spanish, French and Haitian Creole.

I look forward to being your teacher!


Опыт работы

Burlingame Unified School District and San Carlos Unified School District Substitute Teacher September 2015 - June 2016



International Community School (Oakland Unified School District) S. T.I.P Substitute Teacher September 2014 - June 2015



ILSC San Francisco Summer sessions 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 ESL teacher ILSC Montreal May 2008- September 2010 ESL teacher


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