Репетитор по английскому онлайн Добрый день всем заглянувшим на эту страницу! Раз вы здесь, значит Вас, как и меня, интересует английский язык. А встретить людей, чьи интересы совпадают с твоими, всегда очень приятно!


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3 года
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  • - взрослые
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It is a fact that teachers are born not made, but I never realized it until I decided to take it up as a profession. Although i started teaching as a hobby when i was only in grade 6. I was born in Pakistan and then moved to Dubai and lived there for 28 years finally moving to Russia in September 2008. I enjoy teaching especially when my students are eager to learn and work hard during my courses.

At my lessons students study conversational and business English. Due to my vast knowledge of running my own business a full fledge advertising agency gives me an opportunity to share my first hand experiences which cannot be found in books.

Psychology being my major subject gives me an opportunity to help students  overcome their fears of speaking and help me break the language barrier and build their confidence.

At my lessons I always create various active tasks which help students converse in any situation.

Looking forward to working with you!

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