Репетитор по английскому онлайн Добрый день всем заглянувшим на эту страницу! Раз вы здесь, значит Вас, как и меня, интересует английский язык. А встретить людей, чьи интересы совпадают с твоими, всегда очень приятно!


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носитель итальянского по скайпу

My name is Matteo and i come from Milano in Italy.

now i live and work in Saint  Petersburg, Russia.

I work as a foreign language (italian) teacher since 2012,( after my degree at the Foreign Language University faculty in Milano) until today, in the private sector, in cultural centres here in Saint Petersburg and in the past in Italy as well, in some cultural centers for foreigners. I’ve collaborated in two academic programs for «Comune di Monza» about  a program about Teaching Italian to foreign students in Italy. (Especially in Milano)

At present, I am teaching also online on a full-time basis to students mostly from Russia, but not only.

During these years i met a lot of people from different cultures and countries and that’s also why i love what i do.

Teaching italian is my passion, and the best part of my job is when my students are able to  learn without a lot of difficulties, looking for the best individual program, and of course when they  see the results when they travel or move to italy.

I consider my country a beautiful place and learning its language can be an interesting experience, like a “travel” between culture and tradition.

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