Репетитор по английскому онлайн Добрый день всем заглянувшим на эту страницу! Раз вы здесь, значит Вас, как и меня, интересует английский язык. А встретить людей, чьи интересы совпадают с твоими, всегда очень приятно!


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Hi, My name is Robert..I am a native American English speaker and I understand the value of being able to confidently speak English for business, school or work!
At work, learning English can greatly broaden your employment opportunities and earning potential. For example, people who speak clear English are great candidates for jobs in travel, international business, or translation. Additionally, I believe instead of language lessons being boring and repetitive, I believe lessons should try to be fun!
I can help you with business English, general conversation, interview practice or exam test preparation.

I’ve lived, worked and studied abroad (mainly in France and Japan), so I understand very well the many challenges one can face when learning and communicating in a foreign language. In my early years I began learning the French language at the most basic level and continued on to complete my Undergraduate degree in a bilingual study program in France. I later lived in Japan and worked as an English teacher and enjoy meeting people from all over the world.
In my free time I have many artistic hobbies and love to explore new places and ideas. I especially enjoy trying new foods and learning to communicate in foreign languages. My favorite type of evening includes preparing and sharing a meal with a group of people from all over the world, trading stories, listening to music and dancing together.
During the summer months, I can be found taking advantage of Boston’s many bike lanes and river walks Throughout the year I also work as a freelance translator in order to maintain my French language skills and pursue my passion for working with language.

Please try a test lesson with me so that I can help you get the skills and confidence in English that you need!

Смотрите интересную запись: английский по Скайпу с носителями языка. Он поможет в выборе носителя английского, и позволит разобраться в целесообразности занятий с ними для любых языковых уровней.

Полезный материал: кто такой репетитор английского по Скайпу.


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