Репетитор по английскому онлайн Добрый день всем заглянувшим на эту страницу! Раз вы здесь, значит Вас, как и меня, интересует английский язык. А встретить людей, чьи интересы совпадают с твоими, всегда очень приятно!


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Групповые занятия
Возраст преподавателя: 30 лет

Bachelors degree in Linguistics (Honors) Degree of translator Rus-Eng & Eng-Rus (Honours) Peoples Friendship University of Russia, Moscow


Masters degree in Linguistics (Honors) Peoples Friendship University of Russia, Moscow


PhD in Comparative Linguistics Peoples Friendship University of Russia, Moscow


Проводимые курсы:
Общий, Туристический, Разговорный, TOEFL, IELTS
Опыт преподавания:
12 лет
Возрастные группы учеников:
  • - от 8 лет
  • - от 12 лет
  • - от 16 лет и старше
  • - взрослые
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О репетиторе


My name is William John, from Newcastle, U.K. I graduated in both Bachelors and Masters with honors (specialty- comparative linguistics).   

I have over a decade of experience in teaching English and have taught students and adults of several different levels coming from different backgrounds, traditions and cultures. This overwhelming journey has taught me immensely about life and the language!

About myself, I have substantial experience in applying appropriate teaching and assessment of adopting distinctive teaching methodologies, and am an expert at designing and developing educational objectives and preparing teaching material. Furthermore, I am very well sophisticated at organizing extremely healthy group discussions, and mentoring troubled students to the maximum.

I possess the potentials to communicate complex information in an understandable and genuine way students can easily comprehend.

During the lessons, I have developed several different strategies to capture my students’ attention and shared with them my passion for teaching English, like they say- “Do good things and throw them in the sea!”

I aspire to the heights of creating fun atmosphere, engaging learning environment for my students.

My vigorous initiative and exceptional organizational skills, blended with my prowess to work in a thorough manner under pressure, enable me to play a crucial role in fast-paced teaching environment.

Moreover, I am capable of simplifying lesson plans to achieve syllabus objectives, without sacrificing quality.

As a native speaker, I make sure that I give the best and make the best! My objective is “good better best, never till it rests- until good becomes better, and better- the best!”

So, get ready guys, let’s fly with English without wings!!!!!

Thanks a lot and waiting curiously.

Опыт работы

language school in Moscow

English teacher (native speaker)

(2007-по настоящий день)

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