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Jordan Aikins
Jordan Aikins
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3 года
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  • - взрослые
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My name is Jordan Aikins.  I come from Bristol, England.  I have been working as an English teacher in Basel for 3 years now but before that I worked as a Spanish and German teacher in various secondary schools for 2 years in the U.k.  I currently teach English to adults of all ages and of all levels.

Before being employed at language schools throughout Basel city and Basel land I worked as an English Language Assistant at the Allgemeine Gewerbeschule in Basel. I team taught, did one- on- one conversation and supply work. I created lots of oral activities to practice with the students and prepared independent activities for advanced learners. I looked after small groups of students who have beginner’s knowledge of English and have helped teachers judge presentations that count towards final exams. Discussing the writing examinations with students and advising them on examination techniques have also played a part in my role as an English Language Assistant at my school. I prepared pupils for the First Certificate Examination. I am also experienced in invigilation.

I hold a post graduate certificate in education of modern foreign languages and believe that this course helped me to become suitably qualified for teaching.  I thoroughly enjoy teaching and am extremely passionate about language learning :)

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